Hey, hi there! Come in.

I'm currently focused on building ReactNative applications and front-end solutions with React.js, redux or useQuery and TypeScript. I also have experience on the backend and setting up infrastructure. At the moment I would not mind to do some more backend work. Also, learning Rust when I have some spare time. Is very nice. My background is in Physics, I've studied it in Granada (Spain) and in Munich (Germany). I like to solve problems, the simpler the solution the better. I'm from a tiny town in Jaén (Spain). I like talking with people. I've had 3 bands in Granada for which I made some songs and sing. The first contact I had with web development was in winter 2012. Started with nodejs which led to express, jade and mongodb, moved to meteor after which I wanted to really learn something from the ground up so I looked around and found React, faye and gulp. I prefer doing things and then talking about them instead of the other way around. I like kindness and honesty. I believe in patience and hard work.