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  • English: advanced
  • German: intermediate
  • Spanish: native
  • C++, Scala: intermediate
  • CSS, HTML: advanced
  • TypeScript, JavaScript, CoffeeScript: advanced


  • git, bash, zsh
  • npm, yarn, lerna
  • mocha, jest, tape
  • MongoDB, MySQL
  • koa, nodejs, expressjs
  • material-ui, nextjs, jss
  • bootstrap, playframework
  • browserify, gulp, webpack
  • React.js, React Native, redux, rxjs, GraphQL


  • March 2022 - present (Berlin, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    On Lampenwelt for WEBTEAM LEIPZIG GmbH

    Team: 9. B2C.

    7 backend devs, 1 PO and 1 Scrum Master. Stack: electronjs, express, Kafka, TypeScript. Developing apps and services used by the company internally and in marketplaces platforms.

  • Sep 2021 - Jan 2022 (Berlin, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    On recover for Railslove GmbH

    Team: 6. B2B.

    2 product, 2 designer and 2 devs. Stack: Next.js, redux, TypeScript. Setup for localization for the whole app for DE, EN, and PL.

  • Sep 2021 - Nov 2021 (Berlin, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    On getquin for Railslove GmbH

    Team: 10+. B2C.

    Stack: ReactNative, redux, TypeScript.

    Social network for investing on crypto with friends. Helping developing last features before app launch.

  • Aug 2021 (Köln, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    On SC Fortuna Köln for Railslove GmbH

    Team: 10+. B2B. Stack: ReactNative, redux, TypeScript. SC Fortuna Köln app MVP developed in one week at the team's headquarters.

    I setup the frontend and then worked with product, 2 designers, 5 more frontend, 2 backend devs on it together.

  • Mar 2021 - Jan 2022 (Berlin, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    On Meine Checkins for Railslove GmbH

    Team: 4. B2C. 1 designer, 1 product, 2 devs. Stack: TypeScript, ReactNative, redux. Commissioned by City of Cologne. Contact tracing app for the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Aug 2019 - Jan 2020 (Berlin, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    For SitEinander UG

    Team: 6. B2C. 2 devs including me. Stack: TypeScript, Firebase, ReactNative, rxjs. Mobile MVP from scratch with one other frontend dev. Then helping after launch.

  • Sep 2018 - Aug 2021 (Berlin, Germany)

    Freelance Software Engineer

    For Websitebutler GmbH

    Team: 7. B2C. 2 backend, 4 frontend and me.

    Stack: PHP, React, redux, JS, TS, JSS, SASS.

    - Improving code quality and communication

    - Added webpack, typescript to all front-end

    - Helping to adopt React and redux in all products

  • Feb 2018 - Jun 2018 (Berlin, Germany)

    Growth Engineer

    For Home HT GmbH

    Team: 10+. B2C. Mobile App for renting.

    Stack: AWS, nodejs, ReactNative, TypeScript.

    - Email generation with React and TypeScript

    - Features for a ReactNative app in TypeScript

  • Jan 2017 - Feb 2018 (Berlin, Germany)

    Software Engineer

    For Zalando SE (MOVMNT)

    Team: 10+. B2C. Developing a separate product.

    Stack: AWS, Scala, React, JS, TS, HTML, SASS.

    - Added payment methods (Scala, JavaScript)

    - Created merchant app (React, TypeScript)

    - Migrated frontend to ES7 (Scala, JavaScript)

  • Aug 2015 - Dec 2016 (Berlin, Germany)

    Frontend Developer

    For Fit Analytics GmbH

    Team: 10+. B2B. Stack: nodejs, CoffeeScript, JS, CSS, HTML.

    - Working with clients needs.

    - Maintained integrations (JavaScript)

    - Created widget versions (CoffeeScript)

    - Created new build process (nodejs, CoffeeScript)

  • Sep 2013 - Feb 2015 (Granada, Spain)

    Junior Programmer

    For NGA HR

    Team: 10+. B2B.

    Stack: SAP, ABAP.

    - Issue consultant, developer (SAPgui, ABAP)

    - Main contact for an account in DACH region


  • 09.2005-12.2012 at UGR (Granada, Spain)

    Licenciado en Física (M.Sc., Physics)

    Some of the lectures: General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory, Computational Statistics with R, Computational Statistical Mechanics

  • 09.2009-09.2010 at LMU (Munich, Germany)

    Eramus Program, Biophysics

    Biophysics of Systems, Fortgeschrittendenn Praktikum Biophysik

  • 1996-2004 at CPM (Jaén, Spain)

    Musical Studies, Piano

    Music theory, analysis and harmony.

    CPM: Conservatorio Profesional de Música.

  • UGR: University of Granada
    LMU: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität
    CPM: Conservatorio Profesional de Música